Queer Dictionary

Mostly I’m using this for my personal terms, or terms borrowed from GCN (the Gay Christian Network). I’ll include some LGBTQA terms as well, since some of my friends have asked me about them.

Accepting – My term for people who feel their theology requries that they be on side B, whether they want to or not.

Affirming – My personal term for people who are side A.

Ex-gay – I recently found that Exodus Internationl’s defintion of this word is different than I thought. To me, “ex” implies “not” or “no longer,” but to Exodus International, “ex-gay” simply means, not promiscuous. As a good little gay christian, I went to them when I wanted to change my orientation and was really confused when they told me that they wanted to help me be what I already was: a celibate gay Christian. Apparently, that’s all they can do, as we’ve heard in statements from their president, Alan Chambers, Love in Action leader, John Schmid, and seen from gay scandals like John Paulk’s visit to a gay bar to “use the restroom.”

LGBTQA– Stands for “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and Asexual

Queer– I see this as an umbrella term, including all of the LGBTQ community.

Side A – A GCN term, Side A refers to Christians who believe that marriage is about love, not gender.

Side BRefers to Christians (Gay or Straight) who think that it is wrong for gay people to have sex (I may be a bit fuzzy, but I think some of the gays on this side would get married but would have to remain celibate.

Unaccepting – people who are on side B and proud of it/trying to convert us/believe in ex-gay therapy.

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