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Family is family, we love you no matter who you are

October 29, 2011


Her face was friendly and kind, despite the fact that I had left her waiting for me in an unfamiliar restaurant for over twenty minutes. We were a little strange, a man from one generation and a woman from another, ordering nothing but two sodas and talking earnestly in the dimly lit room. My parents, […]

A Symbol for Grace

October 27, 2011


I think that we are all familiar with the cross as the overriding symbol of Christianity. If someone wants to appear Christian, or to make some sort of statement, it is often worn around the neck, or on some piece of jewelry. I remember when I was younger that we would be really excited when […]

“Where there is hatred, let me sow love…”

October 17, 2011


Work was interesting today. A co-worker had approached me a few days ago about buying cookies for her son’s school fundraiser. I thought back to my days as a band geek, trying to sell junk, and I said I’d get some. Today I was writing her the check and she commented on my hand writing, […]

National Coming Out Day

October 12, 2011


Yesterday, October 11th, National Coming Out Day wasn’t that spectacular for me. I slept through most of it, and went to my night class. I did wear my Stonewall Columbus Pride 2011 bracelet around, but only announced it to my housemats who already know I’m gay, and didn’t acually come out to anyone. I was […]

Picnic and a Wedding

October 9, 2011


Today was a beautiful day! I took my friends to the park and we had a picnic. Sandwiches, salad, and┬ácinnamon┬árolls, yum! Our dog chased squirrels around the park and some of my friends played bocce ball. While they were busy I took aside an old college friend, a girl who I love dearly, and told […]