Aftermath of Coming Out in a Mennonite world

Posted on November 27, 2012


Most people ignored the bright rainbow banner and the note. Of my old church, only the pastor said anything, adn he just said that he’d like to hear my story. My parents are pretending they haven’t seen or something- I haven’t broached the topic with them, although my sister did. My relatives back home haven’t said anything, so on the whole it went pretty well (I was expecting some nasty feedback).

The comments on facebook were about 80% supportive. I was really surprised by some of my conservative Bible college friends (in a good way), and a couple others were not so surprising (but that was bad). I got into lengthly debates and messaged back and forth with one friend until it got to be just too much. She was sending me al sorts of random conservative conspiracy stuff (not Birther or Benghazi Gate, but rumors that Obama was building guillotines to execute Christians when they oppose the New World Order).

I’m at a strange place with my faith right now. I am struggling with doubts about whether I’m right about the Bible. I truly believe that under the basic rules of “love God and love thy neighbor as thyself” that I cannot be breaking the law, and yet there is no history of gay people in the church.

I’m reading a great book right now (Torn, by Justin Lee). It is really helping me with the dissonance between my sexuality and faith. Still, as I have become more logical, and more left-wing, I have also become a little more secular and I find it impossible to believe in God by logic, only by faith- and blind faith is what has led most of my family to condemn me. It makes it hard to accept.

I appreciate your prayers as I sort all this out.

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