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I don’t quite shun you…

August 24, 2012


My cousins told me that because of my views on homosexuality and evolution, she has to break fellowship with me. “I’m not shunning you,” she said, “I will still say hi, we just can’t have that friendship and┬ácamaraderie┬áthat we had.” I went to Mennonite camp with my parents, siblings, their spouses, some of my mom’s […]

Coming out on Easter

April 9, 2012


This post is primarily a story, but since it is Easter… This is kind of a new way to think of coming out. Not coming out of the closet, but hatching “out” of the egg. Since it is Easter, and the egg is a symbol for birth. As a gay Christian, Easter is a symbol […]

When did you decide to be a hetero?

March 14, 2012


Well I’ve had a post-worthy week. My sister and brother-in-law dropped by for a few days of their spring break, en route to a wedding. My sister dropped a bombshell on me when she revealed that she is now affirming me. It has been really hard for me to contemplate the split that is coming […]

A break in the silence

February 6, 2012


Hey blog buddies. I haven’t found the inspiration/desire/time to write for a while. I had actually written part of a post the day after Christmas, but I was having fun with my family and I forgot about it. My Christmas break was quite interesting. I picked up my sister at her college and we drove […]

How reality got fuzzy for this queer

December 15, 2011


I have been denying that I’m gay and that gay is ok since I was 10 years old. I was reflecting today on how my parents used to worry about the large amount of science fiction and fantasy that I read because fundamentalist Christians told them on the radio and in magazines that it would […]

Coming out at Thanksgiving dinner

November 23, 2011


Every year my dad’s family gets together at his parents for Thanksgiving. All my cousins, including quite a few who grew up and went to high school with me, come too. As a part of my coming out process, I was planing on telling them all about my sexuality this year during the few days […]

Family is family, we love you no matter who you are

October 29, 2011


Her face was friendly and kind, despite the fact that I had left her waiting for me in an unfamiliar restaurant for over twenty minutes. We were a little strange, a man from one generation and a woman from another, ordering nothing but two sodas and talking earnestly in the dimly lit room. My parents, […]