Still Mennonite?

Posted on December 21, 2013


I wish I had documented my journey this past year. I started the blog as a testimony/account of a gay Christian, but about a year ago I started to lose my faith.
Or maybe replace it, with logic, with reason. I moved from Christian Agnostic to plain old agnostic. I think I’ve moved right over into atheist, but my sister and her husband are convinced I’m not.
I don’t believe that we can know that God doesn’t exist- but I think it is a reasonable conclusion from what we can know.
I’ve been listening to a lot of debates between theists and non-theists and the reasoning of non-theists seems more clear.
I know I am biased. I am a naturalist- I see no supernatural things, only some natural things lacking explanation.
My brother-in-law has brought up some interesting things in the fields of quantum mechanics and relativity that have shaken my foundation. I look forward to expanding my knowledge of both so I can form a more educated opinion.

I’m on my way to Florida with my sister and bro-in-law to see my mom’s super conservative family for Christmas.
I haven’t seen a lot of them since I came out and I don’t know if they’ve told my cousins, or if they’ve decided to shun me. I know one uncle talked about not coming to the gathering specifically because of me and some Bible verse about not eating with the sexually immoral- which is ironic since he is divorced and remarried to a divorcé.

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