These are links that have helped me reconcile my homosexuality and Christianity. May they brighten your day and give you hope for a future church that will love as Christ loves.

–I’ll be adding more as I find them

I Preached Against Homoesxuality, But I Was Wrong

Soldier leaves legacy much larger than ‘He was gay.‘”

The Gay Christian Network
Includes a forum for gay Christians, and families/friends/supporters to converse, lift each other in prayer, and generally just “be there” for each other.

Gay Christian 101
One of the websites that helped me reconcile being gay and Christian

The Trevor Project
A great source for people dealing with coming out phobias or who have been rejected.

It Gets Better Project
A message of hope for LGBT who are bullied in high school.

Mennonite Links/Organizations

Brethren and Mennonite Council for LGBT Interests
I only found out that there was a substantial number of gays in my denomination a couple days ago. I’m so excited!

Pink Menno Campaign (turning Mennonite Church USA Pink!)
A group bringing attention to LGBT issues and inclusion in the MCUSA conference.

Gay Mennonite League (Blog) (Twitter)
Providing LGBT news for the Mennonite Community


Adventures in Missing the Point: how the culture-controlled church neutered the Gospel.” Brian D. McLaren and Anthony Campolo. 2006


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