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New Self

May 25, 2014


I don’t know if it is the weather, or a lucky combination of circumstances, but I have been propelled into a new lifestyle that is so different from where I was at in the beginning of the year. It started with a sudden change from being sloppy to organized. It took some work, but mostly […]

Still Mennonite?

December 21, 2013


I wish I had documented my journey this past year. I started the blog as a testimony/account of a gay Christian, but about a year ago I started to lose my faith. Or maybe replace it, with logic, with reason. I moved from Christian Agnostic to plain old agnostic. I think I’ve moved right over […]

Quick Update

September 23, 2012


You know those posts where people apologize for not posting. My sister will be rolling her eyes right about now. I haven’t had the energy, the story, and the internet all at the same time for quite a while. I’ve been working nearly every day, and trying to get to bed earlier, despite my night […]

Being proud at Columbus Pride

June 17, 2012


I had theĀ privilegeĀ of attending Columbus Pride Festival this year (my second PrideFest). I even had a friend go with me this time, which makes it a hundred times more fun. Just as we found each other on High Street, one of his friends from school spotted him. We stood with her for most of the […]

Dead silence

May 24, 2012


No one has bothered to write or call me about the letters I sent out. I suppose I should be thankful, but as a person who wants to change how the Church communicates to the LGBT community, I need to have some sort of dialog with the church members. I think I mentioned that my […]

DOMA is going down!

February 24, 2012


I am a little disappointed that federal Judge Jeffrey White‘s ruling against DOMA has not received more attention (I just found about it today so I’m a bit behind). Perhaps it lacks the flair of the Ninth Court of Appeal’s ruling on Prop 8. The language was equally logical and supportive, but didn’t offer the […]

A vote cast in vain

February 20, 2012


I cast my absentee ballot for the primaries today. Well technically I filled in the blank and put it in the envelope, I’m not sure it counts as “cast” til it makes it back to Michigan. And I voted for… Ron Paul. Anyone not familiar with my particular brand of Christianity should know that Mennonites […]