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Posted on September 23, 2012


You know those posts where people apologize for not posting. My sister will be rolling her eyes right about now. I haven’t had the energy, the story, and the internet all at the same time for quite a while.

I’ve been working nearly every day, and trying to get to bed earlier, despite my night shift job. I also get up in the morning on Mon, Tues, and Thurs to do my library internship at OSU. I love that so much!! I hope I can find a job doing something similar when I graduate this fall.

I’ve been getting emotionally caught up in this Presidential Election coming up. I have been really worried about what a Mitt Romney America would look like for us LGBT folk. I imagine trying to immigrate to Canada or somewhere in Europe. It seems like Obama is doing quite well, as long as the people get out to vote (which we know 50% won’t). Every day I walk through the Oval (part of OSU campus) and I see the Vote tents, the Obama supporters, and  it makes my day a little brighter.


On the coming out saga, I have this little bit of news: I am going to change my “interested in” status on Facebook with a lot of other drama queens on October 11, National Coming Out Day. I’m not sure if it will pop up on everyone’s Facebook feed, or if it will just be something that people will see when they look for it, but I’ll definitely feel like I’m being more honest with the world, and less like a person with two faces. When I am at home, especially around church friends, I feel like I am pretending to be someone different than the person who has open and honest discussion about my feelings, struggles, and hopes in Columbus. I haven’t had anyone ask about girlfriends for a long time (maybe a status update isn’t necessary?), but I do feel like in that heterocentristic culture there is always some situation where I’m lying by omission.

Oh my gosh it’s almost 5am. Not a really inspiring post, sorry folks. I’ll link to some favorites that I’ve been reading instead.

Bible-Thumping Liberal’s “When someone does a cut-and-paste job of Romans 1

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And one about how the book of Hebrews, once thought to be written by the Apostle Paul, may have been written by a woman (Priscilla).

Also, I love Fat Amy.

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