Sorry about your struggles with sodomy…

Posted on June 23, 2012


I finally got a response to my coming out letter. My uncle wrote me: “I’m sorry to hear about your big struggle with sodomy.” He continued with some definitions of sodomy (including bestiality too) and a short history of sodomy laws (and was so woeful that these are no longer enforced). He was apalled that laws are made so tolerant that people were allowed to what they chose. (Tolerance is not a social value on that side of my family).

The rest of the letter would be quite beautiful, if rephrased. He talks about some of the wonderful things that I love about God, Christ, and salvation, but treats me as if these are strangers to me; as if I were ignorant of salvation, unsaved, and as if he had totally forgotten the nephew whom he had known.

I’ve written him a reply, not bitter but also not apologetic, and am interested to see if we will be able to be civil at my cousin’s wedding next month.

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