The air is fresh out here (Out of the Closet)

Posted on May 12, 2012


Well I finally dropped letters in the snail mail to the rest of my relatives on Tuesday (and emailed my grandpa today). I talked to my mom on the phone this afternoon and she said her sister had gotten my letter and was praying for us. I pray that some good will come out of this- the whole day I’ve just been really stressed. It’s like there is a dark cloud floating over me.

My grandpa emailed me back and said that it sounded like I was on the right path (not because I accepted myself, but because I’m still open to God’s leading). It was really good to hear, as I was afraid he might judge me harshly. Every time I thought about what his response would be, I would remember him telling my sister that FOX News was not biased. Instead of being unresonable he read my letter and heard my heart.

My next family reunion is going to be so uncomfortable.

Recent things in the news:

North Carolina bans gay marriage. 😦   I wish we could help our fellow Christians understand the line between faith and politics. This ridiculous idea that forcing people to live according to YOUR faith is a religious freedom is ridiculous.

A few days ago I was seriously considering voting for Ron Paul as a write-in. Obama doesn’t deserve to get the LGBT votes just because he isn’t blatantly discriminatory. Now he has “come out” in favor of gay marriage and I’m cynical. Is he pandering to voters? Is he being risky and standing up for something he believes in? It doesn’t seem like it helped him with votes- if anything he may have lost a few. I think I might vote for him.

Bristol Palin’s response– LOL!!!!!!!! Criticizing the President for listening to his children (isn’t she a politician’s child- doesn’t that mean we shouldn’t listen to her?). Plus she’s a single mom who is saying gay marriage is bad for kids because they need a mother and a father- um hypocritical much?!

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