A letter from Focus on the Family

Posted on May 12, 2012


I recently opened my email to find a surprising letter form Focus on the Family. I used to really appreciate their radio station when I wanted to be ex-gay, and I still love “Adventures in Odyssey,” their radio drama, but I have not emailed them, or signed up for anything recently so I was surprised when one of their staff members wrote me:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Yoder,

Summer is right around the corner.  What a change in family activities with school children who eagerly look forward to vacation time.  What are you planning for this summer?  Something different?  I’m interested in knowing what you will be doing. I do appreciate your friendship and support.  Let me know how I can pray for you.

I wrote back:

Dear Mr. ——-,

I just came out to my very conservative relatives. Some of them have very misguided beliefs about who I am because of political organizations that spread lies about what it means to be gay. I happen to be a dedicated Christ-follower, born again, baptized Mennonite believer. I am single, celibate, waiting for marriage, and have yet to go on a date, yet I am afraid they will judge me because of what they have heard. You can be praying that God will move in our lives and keep peace between us and open our eyes to understand and love each other.
Thank You,
———-   ————
If I get a response I’ll post it in the comments section.
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