A vote cast in vain

Posted on February 20, 2012


I cast my absentee ballot for the primaries today. Well technically I filled in the blank and put it in the envelope, I’m not sure it counts as “cast” til it makes it back to Michigan. And I voted for… Ron Paul.

Anyone not familiar with my particular brand of Christianity should know that Mennonites are extreme pacifists. Many don’t believe in any form of self-defense in any circumstances. I particularly object to war, because I feel that we should “love our enemies,” like a Jewish carpenter once said. Ron Paul is not a pacifist, but his policies would cut down on a lot of war around the world, give the United States a better global reputation, lighten tension with our Arab friends abroad, and do a lot to decrease the deficit, since 54% of our budget is spent on military endeavors, including bases on foreign soil where we staff their military.

The Wikipedia article on US military spending says that we spend more on weapons than the next 20  countries combined.

Anyways, for my fellow gays, this my excuse for supporting a non-supporter of gay marriage (to be fair, he is way better than the other GOP alternatives). I was still registered as a Republican from a misguided election in my youth, so I thought I’d at least give him my support in the primaries. I suppose I will vote for Obama in November, even though I’m irked about his flimsy stance on gay rights. There’s no way I’d vote for Santorum or Mitt Romney, and it looks like they are the alternatives. Obama is going to win quite easily, I think.

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