Re-coming out checklist

Posted on August 30, 2011


So now that I’ve realized it’s ok to be gay, I have to go and  “re-come out” to my family and friends. So on the checklist are my Dad, Mom, Brother & his wife, and sister & her husband. I feel like after I tell all of them, I’ll tell my dad’s side at our family Christmas, and then just post it on facebook or something. I’m so tired of hiding and feeling like nobody knows me.

I visited my newly married sister a few weeks ago with plans of telling her and her hubby, but when we were watching The Glee Project, they were both so critical of Alex Newell and his gayness. I think a lot of it had to do with his arrogant attitude, but there was also some definite homophobia in relation to his cross dress performances, which I actually enjoyed.

Being new to LGBT is hard, and I don’t know any transgender folks, so I haven’t gotten used to the idea. I fully support their rights, and I think that it is way easier to make a biblical case in their favor than it is for us gays. If one considers “eunchs” to be transgendered, then I would say the Bible actually advocates for them- it mentions three types, those born that way, those made that way by others,a nd those who choose it, and says that God loves them all, and that there is no condemnation of that.

Anyways, back to my sis- I revisted her and managed to talk to her about my change of position. She took it pretty well (I had been sort of hinting, so I think it wasn’t a huge surprise). Anyway she didn’t say she hated me, that I was wrong, or anything like that, so I guess we’re ok.

My parents are supposed to visit me this weekend, so I guess they’re next… my mom is the one I’m most worried about. Logic doesn’t really effect either of them, but she is so much more emotional when she disagrees with me about denominational/faith stuff.

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