Favorite LGBT Movies

Posted on August 25, 2011


I feel like there are a lot of these lists out there. When I accepted that being gay wasn’t a sin, I went a little crazy and watched every and any LGBT movie I could find.

Some good ones:

Prayers for Bobby – The journey of a Christian mother to acceptance after her gay son commits suicide.
Breakfast with Scot – A gay sportscaster’s journey to acceptance of his own sexuality, as well as that of his partner’s newphew’s sexuality.
Get Real – A British highschool love story.
Just a Question of Love (Juste une Question d’Amour) – French love story, themes about the pain of being rejected by one’s family, the comfort found in love.
Latter Days – Displays some common struggles between one’s religion and sexuality.
Patrik 1,5 – A movie about gay adoption, gay parenthood/mentorship and overcoming homophobia.
Trick – A movie about finding love and romance in the midst of promiscuity.
Were the World Mine (Watch Online) – The first gay movie I saw! Inspired by Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, although it is not a retelling or allegorical work. It has some lines directly from the play, and the idea of the flower that causes love is also from the play.

I also enjoyed some documentaries that I found on Netflix, and the gay themes in 90210, Glee, GREEK, Skins (UK), and other shows. I don’t feel like every show needs a token gay characters, but it is fun to find someone that I can relate to.

Does anybody have some movie suggestions for me?

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