So I’m queer. Now what?

Posted on August 7, 2011


As a gay in Columbus, OH who doesn’t like to drink a lot, and couldn’t dance to save his life, I feel very isolated from the LGBT Community. I went to a hangout at Stonewall today, and that was fun, but I began to feel today as if I have already missed my chance. It seems like gays who came out in high school or college have already found their gay friends and girlfriends. As a constant transfer student and recent graduate, I wasn’t able to make the connections, and have found myself with very few gay friends. The straight people with whom I live are amazing, and mostly supportive, or at least accepting. However, I feel as if a huge part of me is missing, from the lack of experience that I have.

As a former ex-gay I have no dating experience, no knowledge of what it means to be “gay” socially. I don’y love Madonna, and I know zilch about Lady Gaga. I have no fashion sense and am color blind (I always used to joke about how it was so unfair that I was cursed with being gay, but couldn’t have the added benefits of fashion and being able to match colors well).

In a nutshell, I feel very alone, very curious, and very timid as a stranger in a new world.

God, give me grace to walk where you will, to meet the people that you would have me befriend, and guide me in this new chapter of my life. Thanks daddy,

-Your gay son-

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