Things that give me hope (and probably you too)

Posted on July 9, 2011


This is in the style of my previous post, but positive.

1. Gay marriage is legal in New York!!

Our most recent victory in equal rights for gays. I was raised believing that it was wrong, but a Christian friend of mine convinced me it was my Constitutional right. Ironic, no? A Christian convincing a gay that gay marriage is his right as a human being.

2. Pridefest and Parades.

While I was quite uncomfortable at Columbus’ Pridefest, I am excited at the freedom it gives to us to be ourselves for at least one day. This was my first pride since “coming out” to myself, and I didn’t have anyone to go with me. Next year I’ll make sure to go with friends.

3. DADT repealed.

Obviously, as a Mennonite I’m not for military service, but I do believe that if someone is brave enough to risk their life for their country and our freedom, I think they should be allowed to hold their heads high and not have to hide who they are. (Additionally, I’m interested to see what happens to churches who have been unconditionally supportive of military personel, and unreservedly against gays- have fun resolving that one!)

4. Mennonite Church USA holds talks between “Pink Mennos” and their staight members, in an attempt to bridge the gap and bring understanding.

This is of personal significance, because it is a symbol of the possibility of my denomination becoming an affirming one. I think the number of gay friendly churches is growing, and that is a cause for celebration.

5. Joining GCN (the Gay Christian Network).

This website was instrumental in me finally accepting God’s love for me as a gay man. The forums are daily encouraging. Additionally, I recently met with my first group of gay friends from GCN. I hung out with 9 guys at Columbus’s Gallery Hop. It was awesome, my first time in my “natural habitat.” 🙂
Many have had a different experience, but accepting this at 25 meant that I had virtually no gay friends, and I that I still know almost nothing of gay culture (though I’m slowly educating myself).

6. Watching gay cinema.

The fact that it exists is awesome. I want my straight friends to watch with me, I had to watch straight romances growing up, it’s only fair, right? just kidding…
Oooh, some of my favs…
Were the World Mine (full movie)
Patrik, 1,5
Breakast with Scot
Get Real

7. Gay themes in TV SHows.

It’s not just that I like the relateable storyline, it’s also that I feel like we are finally being acknowledged. We exist! And we’re not all promiscuous.
Examples: Glee, Greek, 90210, Modern Family, etc.

8.Freedom in Christ

For those of you who were born in non-supportive homes, know that you have, or can have, freedom in Christ. Jesus loves you PERIOD. He doesn’t love you because of what you have done or will do, he just loves you. Let it inspire you to live for him, to encourage others, to seek peace and good for everyone. Don’t allow your fellow Christian’s unsupportive statements embitter you towards htem or your faith. Stand up for yourself, but do it in love. “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” Proverbs 15:1

OK, so you’ve read my list- what am I missing? What brings you joy?

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