Things that really annoy me (and probably you too)

Posted on July 7, 2011


1. When someone claims that their beliefs are “what the Bible says” as if they did no interpretation.

To read is to interpret, and what is implied in the statement is that whoever doesn’t believe the same is simply twisting the meaning to suit them. The truth is that we all come to the Bible with our own worldviews. Sometimes the Holy Spirit gives us inspiration and new meaning when we read the Bible, but sometimes our worldview informs us instead.

2. The implication that being gay is the worst sin.

People who are fine with multiple divorces, premarital sex, and even some adultery can somehow say with straight faces (no pun intended), “Same-sex marriage is a threat to the integrity of the institution of marriage.
People who are overjoyed at stories of men on death row converting to Christianity treat the idea of a Christian homosexual with absolute disgust (I am not saying that I don’t also rejoice at a murderer’s repentance, I’m just sad that homosexuality is looked at as an unforgivable offense).

3. That “love one another as Christ has loved you” applies to everyone but me and the queer community.

Similar to #2, but based more on the idea of the two greatest commandments “upon which all the others hang.” I feel like it should be simple to realize that “love the sinner, hate the sin” is not at all what the church is doing.

4. Statements that homosexuals, or homosexual marriage will ruin society.

I was recently informing myself about the fate of Holland, which has recognized gay marriages since 2001. No disasters have yet befallen it, children are not being “recruited,” polygamy has not become legal, nor have sexual relationships between adults and minors.

5. That kids are kicked out of their homes when they come out.

This more than annoys me. It frightens me, saddens me, and most of all, angers me. What the heck kind of parent kicks a kid out of the house for being honest with them? How homophobic do you have to be to not see your own child, but a the “Other” after such an experience?
My own experience was nothing like this. I did not “come out” to my parents; they found out. It was traumatic for them, but healing for me. I had wanted them to know, wanted them to “get me help.” Now, hearing stories about the traumas of ex-gay survivors, I’m glad they didn’t.

6. The ” caught in between” feeling of gay Christians, who aren’t accepted by either of their communities.

What the hell? I feel like the gay community is more accepting of it, but I don’t really know any non-Christian gays, and I’ve heard they can be harsh. I am obviously hugely disappointed in the reactions of the church (as the purpose of this blog is to change them). I am really disappointed in Christians because it seems like they are willing to accept a lot of denominational differences that seem much bigger than the gay theology. My own denomination, which believes killing is murder (even when government sanctioned) would probably accept a military member before me.
Murder, homosexuality… hmm… lets go with murder, it’s less distasteful or offensive.
(I don’t say this to bash soldiers, but to point out that even though the church would consider killing in war to be murder, they would accept that before homosexuality).

7.  Growing up in the closet.

Aside from some hilarious, ironic moments, many hurtful comments have been said in front of me. People talking about shooting all the gays, or putting them on an island- as if that would solve the problem! It’s not like we breed, folks!
I was hurt a lot when my mom would make comments about my future wife, and I couldn’t tell her that it would never happen.

8. Being in the wedding of a family member who probably would never go to your wedding.

I hadn’t really thought about this until recently, but a sibling of mine is getting married, and I’d really like to know if they would come to my wedding. I still feel like I’m never getting married, but accepting my homosexuality has opened that door. What should I do if they say no?

Did I miss an important one? What annoys you (please comment).

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