Getting Rid of Denominations: Will the Church ever be one?

Posted on July 5, 2011


I wish there were no need for the word “denomination.” It always saddens me to think of the Church split into so many sub-groups who oppose each other, bicker, and waste time on inconsequential. We are a  dysfunctional family, where people are ostracized, where brothers continue feuding over forgotten offenses for decades. In my denominations history there have been splits over whether jackets should have buttons or hooks! I understand the major split back in the 1500’s, though it is regrettable that the church couldn’t be changed from the inside.

In spite of my wish for unity and peace, I can’t call myself “non-denominational” because my world view is still Mennonite. It is my history, my family, my friends, my college, and my first memories of getting to know God. To give it up, even just the name, seems impossible. Knowing that, how can I possibly be able to work towards a disillusion of denominations?

The Church has gotten better at ignoring the petty things that divide denominations. In my own rural community, churches are having lots of community events together. It used to be unheard of to marry across denominational lines, but now people do. The men of various churches gather together once a week to have breakfast and a message from one of the community’s pastors. The YFC has groups of kids from dozens of churches doing various activities together.

As time passes, I feel that churches and the general population will grow more accepting of LGBTQ folk. One less reason for denominations to split. Yey!

I think that if I really want to work towards church unity, the first step might be to find a way to honor my Mennonite history, while not being Mennonite.

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